Dr Help is here to help you with any kind of academic work.

Thesis & Dissertations

Dr Help provides a team of dedicated experts from top universities to offer you with solutions in theses and dissertations in various disciplines or field. 

   Coursework & Tutoring

Dr Help has excellent teaching staff to tutor you if you encounter any issues in your coursework ranging from high school courses to Masters Degree courses. 

   Assignment & Essay

Dr Help has top graduates to help you with any challenging and difficult assignments and essays given by your school lecturers or tutors.  

Our team

Started with a small group of educators and tutors in 2020, Dr Help has now grown into a relatively large team of more than 50 experts, senior teaching staff and top graduates from top renowned universities. If you need assistance in your theses, courseworks or assignments, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at 24/7 to help you! 

Seeking assistance?

If you are a student seeking for further assistance in your academic work, please fill up the online registration form with brief details of your academic work, work requirements and deadline, our staff will get back to you within 2 hours, together with our recommendation or referral of tutors and quotation of fees.

Work with us

Dr Help is constantly looking for partners in all disciplines and fields to help students from diverse community. If you are a highly qualified and responsible or have a passion in teaching, we welcome you to join our network. Please send your CV and credentials to recruitment@drhelper.center, we will respond to your email within three working days. 


If you are our current partners and wish to contact us, please contact using the following emails:

hr@drhelp.center (For payroll matters)

recruitment@drhelp.center (For employment)

info@drhelp.center (For general enquiries)


Urgent Contact (For Clients Only)

If you need assistances urgently,

please contact via

24-7help@drhelp.center, we will get 

back to you asap.

For other non urgent matters, please 

contact via contact form below.


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